Monday, February 23, 2009

Haiku Poems

A wave meets the shore
Spilling water up the beach
Sinking through the sand

Running one by one
Reflecting off wet sandstone
Waves head out again

Marsh grass summer breeze
Woven with the ocean’s scent
My favorite shirt

A rusty old pump
Meters its play with our song
Crystal clear water

Life’s real adventure
Is stirred at every foot-fall
Breathed with every breath

Of red and purple flowers
Wash among the trees

Deeply rooted tree
Steady on a grassy field
Floating on flowers

Rain only feels wet
When it falls onto our skin
Our mind remembers

Low clouds move slowly
Against the backdrop of gray
Changing as they go

That tree has a name
Tree Too Tall To See The Top
Is how we know it

Broken uprooted
Violently taken from life
Wishing differently

Finding my window open
Offers a greeting

Full red open rose
Perfumed on your plant’s green sleeve
Fine summer fashion

Dusty residue
Raindrops on my window pane
Obscurring the view

We stopped going
But grass and trees kept growing
Since we last were here

Out shone by the sun
Chalk white moon in morning light
Shines full of passion

Summer fish struggles
Body broken by a bird
What will you do now

Feeding salmon fry
Sew a sweet scented blanket
To their summer pond

Round granite boulders
Polished by a mountain stream
Beautiful unique

Music meets the light
Excitement charges the air
At your open door

Native summer rose
Riding with the ocean breeze
Greets my open heart

A memory stirred
Then a feeling is set free
It remembers me

Crisp golden apple
Ripened by the summer sun
Just tugged from its branch

Sunshine catches rain
In an endless game of chase
Calling out - Rainbow!

A double rainbow
Holds hope for two survivors
Lost in last nights storm

Just for an instant
Reflection's veil withdrew
Letting me see through

Plain gray winter moth
Unnoticed in the closet
Wearing my best suit

My path leads me here
It seems clear that I must go
Just my weightless soul

Lifeless winter bark
Breaks with buds that blush with spring
Bursting with new dreams

Footprints cast in mud
Set and dry in broken ground
Buried by the sand

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