Friday, April 1, 2011

Nature’s rich grass shirt
Sun shine through its open weave
Stirs my waking soul

Resting by a flowing stream
Hum the river's song

Longing to be full
Vessel gifting everything
Making room for more

What is left behind
When our vessel decants life
And we're carried on

Dry Brown with crisp sound
Bracken in the winter wind
Saving space for more

Your dreams can hold you
As stars are always shining
Even in full sun

Midnight’s darkened sky
Listens for the wind to blow
Louder than my breath

Standing still in time
Filtered from the winter sky
Broken through spring ground

Written in water
Settled from a winter sky
Flowers break spring ground

Rain dimpled water
Droplets bubble under trees
Dreaming of a lake

Soft raindrops falling
Give themselves entirely
To the summer sky

Feeling the tide's pull
Draw us in and push us on
Through life's mystery

Footsteps leading through
The landscape of my life
Precious as my breath

Walking in nature
Silent through a forest grove
Toward the other side

A light that shows the way home
Followed by my heart

Distilled from these tears
Love plays its pure melody
Through a joyous heart

Only a true heart
In the dark night of a soul
Will guide us toward home

Bursting into sky
With freedom and awareness
Life's candle burns bright

Bright blue dragonfly
Restful as a match unlit
Dancing on life's flame

Grass seeds on tall stalks
Woven through the Nootka Rose
Pink with fragrant blooms

Sparks of sunlight flash
Riding backs of ocean waves
Laugh to sand's delight

A flower of love
Is subtle and deep seeded
Washed in warm colors

The flowers of fear
Shadow bright sun and dark rain
From our true feelings

Delicate lotus
Floating lightly on the lake
Softly holds our breath

My heart has written
The song of its love for you
In music I play

Listening to you
Breathing with the world today
Brings me joyful tears

Love has found me here
Playing on the magic strings
Of my own guitar

Opening the door
Life’s wry tingled feelings
Lead us all toward home

Mottled yellow leaf
Clinging to your tree so bare
Why do you hold on?

Waves wash through the sand
A gentle rhythm draws us
Deep through shadowed woods

Water finds the sand
It left high up on the beach
Spring tide long ago

Listening to the waves
I could hear the shadowed place
That we all came from

Waiting for the frost
To etch a crystal question
On my open mind

The snow crust is broken
The moon haze plays on my cheeks
I warm from inside

Her eyes stir feelings
Looking at her distant world
Yes, I can feel it