Thursday, March 5, 2009

Standing in water
Feeling a new wave arrive
Bare feet on firm sand

A beaver Swims by
Seeming to notice nothing
Just his endless work

The crow in the tree
Seems to never work at all
He is here to play

Morning widgeon land
Softly on dark water
Where the River sleeps

Two ducks landing
As one together on the pond
Stir the soft water

Closed and saddened heart
An anchor on life's seabed
Keeps us in this place

Early morning lake
Rippled by a loon's call
Reflecting the sun

Fall tree filtered light
An everchanging wind chime
Flickers on the wall

Watching a sunset
Its bright evening memory
A trace in our mind

A blessing from the sun
So many weightless sparkles
Laugh on dark water

Grateful every day
Love sings inside a rain dance
Flowing through our life

Two white butterflies
Flutter tightly together
High above the path

Early rays of spring sunshine
Stirs the sleeping earth

Kneeling on moist ground
Beside an ancient river
Spawning red salmon

Out on the ocean
Floating in a wooden boat
Whales just passing by

Tinder dry forest
Fragrant scent of pine
Stirred with quiet footsteps

Summer sun shining
Its heat unable to hide
Under broken rocks

Brightly colored leaf
Standing on a forest branch
Singing summer's song

Standing in the stream
Listening to the river flow
Laughing toward its home

Smiling at flowers
An unforgotten language
Spoken from the heart

Waking to the truth
Dust is blowing off the stone
Where we drew our dreams

Snow from the plum trees
Tumbles down the sidewalk
Playing with the breeze

We are a shiver
On the surface of life's pond
Just a whispered breeze

Driven by longing
Finding life's single promise
So easy to keep

Last night's crescent moon
Must have spilled upon the stars
Sparkled morning dew

The rain and the wind
Have been searching everywhere
No place left to hide

Storm cast ocean waves
Shattered on the rocky shore
Mix in with the rain

Dry whistle of wind
Rushing with the ocean breeze
Finds a broken wave

Willingness aside
I have no other interest
Bonding with your soul

Waiting for the sky
As the wind is blowing by
Over these mountains

Voices in the hall
Sense a joyful arrival
Children from their youth

Yesterday has passed
Tomorrow has not arrived
Plum tree is in bloom

Finding my wonder
I’ve always known this place
Love lives in my heart

Ocean waves calling
On their back or their bellies
White froth over blue

Listening to you
I find a truth in my heart
Breathing in sweet air

Feeling my footsteps
Sealing soft mud with sweet earth
Beautifully blind

Wine in its bottle
Such a confident secret
Colored so deeply

Loosing your body
Running with the summer wind
Heart broken open

Haikus speak softly
Inner and outer journeys
Are walked together

Its always that way
Inner and outer journeys
Travel together

Haikus build rainbows
Bridging two worlds together
Inner and outer

A conversation
Between inside and outside
Bright sparkles of light

In quiet water
Silver fish in the river
Flash bright in the sun

Outer and inner
Moving their feet and their words
Travel together

Objects and shadows
Like our thoughts and our visions
Seeking each other

Our experience
On the inside or outside
Makes its own shadow

The moon in darkness
Still sweeps across the sky
Reflecting the truth

The moon in darkness
Still sweeps across the sky
Truth in clear silence

The moon in darkness
Still sweeps across the sky
Smiling on plum trees

Waiting for nothing
Just delivers it sooner
Than anything else

Silence stills my breath
Knowing I am fully whole
In this quiet nest

Whispers from the past
Can not take us far from here
Holding with our heart

Cool summer morning
Just before the sun heats up
Swimming in the lake

If you only knew
Just how close beneath my feet
I felt heaven shift

If you only knew
How often I thought of you
In my wishing mind

Awash in white surf
Herring have found their purpose
Spawning on brown kelp

Seething ocean mass
Boiling in the darkened sea
Herring’s silver sides

Drawn together
Tightly in a herring ball
Fear rolls inside out

Seething ocean mass
Boiling in the darkened sea
Herring flash below

Drawn together
Herring in a living ball
Fear rolls inside out

These unblinking eyes
Seem urgent with excitement
In their spawning sea

Seagulls call with glee
Stiff and empty herring swirl
In a broken sea

So wet and lovely
Your saturated vision
Of this precious life

Winter's precious soul
Rests along the path we walk
Under autumn leaves

Our deepest purpose
Unwavering in the wind
So firmly rooted

How many lifetimes
Have we felt our purpose stand
Still in the spring breeze

How many lifetimes
Weathered in the winter rain
Will our purpose stand

Sweet winter wood smoke
Sleeping with the forest trees
Drifts into our dreams

Such sweet memories
Wood smoke tangled in tall trees
Changing the landscape

Dark ribbons of wave
Silently lift winter birds
Near the morning's beach

Dark and then silver
Twirling ribbons of ocean
Gather round our feet

Approaching the beach
Twisting ribbons of water
Know me where I stand

I am a blind man
Finding freedom in my breath
Standing here with you

Distant geese calling
Chasing spring across the sky
Draw me from my sleep

Large paper thin moon
Still bright in the morning sky
Watching restless clouds

Thin shaving of truth
High up in the morning sky
Round and still and bright

Noticing nature
Glint below an ocean wave
Like an autumn's leaf

Fallen autumn leaves
Helping all their trees to rest
Through the winter’s night