Thursday, May 23, 2013

Haiku 2013

Sunlight splits the earth
Our piƱata is smiling
Spilling spring flowers

Sun rays warm the earth
Greeting every garden seed
Stirring their courage

Sleeping through winter
Holding dreams of bright colors
Watching them come true

Springtime’s bright passion
Greets every dreaming flower
Drawing them to life

Spring’s soul of passion
Will awaken ready seeds
Sleeping in warm earth

Winter moss growing
Softly glowing with green light
Graces my garden

Winter dreams of spring
Under a blanket of snow
Keeping gardens warm

Autumn flowers sing
Then they sleep with winter dreams
Till the spring arrives

Deep within the sea
Brightly colored fish glide by
Joyful in my peace

Fish within the sea
Bodies gliding close to me
Show me how to swim

Fish within the sea
Playing with my bubbles free
Leaving me to be

Calling loud and clear
Bouncing bright across the street
Robin by her nest

Hammering and shrieks
Piliated woodpecker
Living in the trees

Robin sings a song
Waiting for the sun to rise
Then she hunts for worms

Oregon juncos
Searching seeds in my front lawn
Flock among their friends

Noisy Stellar Jay
Chasing other birds away
Acting brash today

Eagle soaring high
Far above the other birds
Silent in its space

Crickets in the field
Chirping like they own the place
Stop when I walk by

Bare stems of yarrow
Rooted by the riverside
Know that birds pass by

Leaving the forest
Deer graze upon a hillside
Unafraid of me

Geese are flying by
Calling from the night time sky
Heading toward fall rye

Black cap chickadee
Shoulders in on robin's song
Perching by her nest

Many springtime birds
Joining in on nature’s dance
Sweetly call their mate

Buses, cars and trucks
Must drive right through the bird songs
As the sun comes up

We rest so happy
Lying here so warm in bed
Winter birds outside

If you see a rose
Take the time to smell that rose
It can't be described

I like watching birds
You like egrets and herons
long necks and long legs

Snow falls on the ground
Hiding all the flowers we know
In bare ground below

Snow falls in the grove
Hiding all the flowers that grow
Bare brown ground below

Ducks swim in the sea
Calling to themselves and me
Standing by this tree

Wishing for the sun
To warm my heart openly
Through a winter snow